4th of July Fruit Kebobs

Listen.  Eating healthy over the holidays is not easy.  There are parties stocked with alcohol, simple carbs, desserts, unhealthy fats- you name it.  And to be frank, I am all about indulging on simple occasions.   A well-balanced diet means there is room for the unhealthy too (believe it or not), but less frequently than healthier options.  Holidays are the perfect time to indulge.  As I am typing this, I may or may not be eating my 3rd s’mores bar of the night. It doesn’t count if no one sees, right? Right?

That being said, when I can find a holiday recipe that is both delicious and healthy, I have to try it.  Here is one of my favorites I have found for any 4th of July celebration.


These kebobs are super easy to make.  1) Cut some fruit. 2) Stick the fruit on the skewer. 3) put the skewers in mason jars.  Done.  I went with a red, white, and blue theme for the holiday, but you of course can pick and choose whatever fruits you think would best match your theme.

I also considered tying red, white, and blue ribbons around the mason jars but I ran out of time.  They would make adorable centerpieces for any gathering though with a little extra decoration.

What healthy holiday recipes do you like to make?




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