Easy Southwestern Eggs


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get stuck in a breakfast rut.  I eat the same bowl of oatmeal every. day.  While oatmeal is certainly healthy, it can get boring fast.  This week I was on the hunt for something that is still fast and easy to make, but more flavorful and unique than my regular bowl of oatmeal.

I can whip up scrambled eggs in about a minute flat, but that still seemed pretty boring.  Then, I noticed an avocado on my shelf that was of perfect ripeness.  So I thought, what if I made eggs with a southwestern twist?

Serves 1:


  • 2 eggs (farm-fresh or organic are the best)
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • 2 tbsp. salsa
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Cooking oil

This is what I used because it is what I had available during my spur of the moment egg-making.

Other toping options you could add include: asparagus, bell peppers, tomatoes, a dash of greek yogurt (a healthier option than sour cream), skim Cheddar cheese, Cotija cheese, guacamole (instead of avocado), cilantro… and whatever else your heart desires!

Nutrition info (based on my recipe, will obviously be different if you use different toppings):

  • Calories: 289
  • Carbs: 9 g. (most of the carbs are from the avocado.. so totally healthy carbs!)
  • Fat: 22 g. (again.. mostly healthy fats!)
  • Protein: 15 g.
  • Sodium: 352 mg.
  • Sugar: 0 g. (woohoo!)


-Grease a pan (or skillet!) with cooking oil and turn on burner.

-In a small bowl, whisk together two eggs until there are no pockets of air (or as few as possible).

-Pour egg mixture into pan.

-With a spatula, push eggs from the bottom of the pan to the top… and then do the reverse.  Continue pushing eggs from side to side (left and right works too), until eggs are a pale yellow.

-Remove eggs from heat and place on a plate.

-Top your eggs with your desired toppings (a good rule of thumb is solids first and liquids on top… but this is mostly for aesthetic reasons, so do whatever speaks to your soul).

That’s it! You’re done! Told you it was easy 🙂

I hope this inspires you to try something different from your usual breakfast rut!


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