Tips for Running in the Heat


Summer brings warm weather, which brings plenty of opportunities to exercise outside.  Some days though the weather can be too warm (but if you ask me this in the middle of January, I will say there is no such thing as too warm).

Should warm weather prevent you from running outdoors?  Of course not!!  However, it is important that you do so safely to prevent heat stroke, dehydration, or other serious complications.

Here are some tips I have picked up along the way:

  1.  Just like with baking, timing is everything.  Plan your run for the coolest time of the day.  Generally, this will mean early mornings or late at night.  If you choose to run at a time when it is dark or there are not a lot of other people around, make sure you do so safely.  If you cannot ensure your safety or you do not feel comfortable, choose a different time.  If you do decide to run at night, reflective clothing is everything:

reflective lulu

Lululemon Tight Stuff Tight

2. Wear clothing specifically designed for high temperatures.  Words to look for include: sweat-wicking, breathable, adaptable, dry, etc.


Zella Racer Tank

3. HYDRATE.  Hydration is important not only after your run, but before and during as well.  Make sure you drink your regular 64 oz. and add on an additional 8 oz. (or more) for every hour of exercise.  Plan your running route around public water fountains in case you need to stop along the way.


S’well Santorini Water Bottle

4. Sun protection.  If you plan on running while the sun is out, it is important to protect your skin from harsh UV rays.  This is an important tip year round, but especially during the months when we are closer to the sun.  Wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, wear a hat or visor, and find a pair of sunglasses (your eyes need protecting too!).


Nike Featherlight Visor

5. Don’t push yourself.  The hottest day of the year is not the time to test your limits with speed or endurance.  Just like you need to train for a race, you need to train for the heat.  Take your time and let your body acclimate to exercising in heat.

Happy trails!


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